Plan and Profile Maps – DraftEIA

HS2 Phase 2a (West Midlands to Crewe) working draft plan and profile maps

These plan and profile maps are supplementary to the working draft Environmental Impact Assessment consultation map books.

Pyford Brook to Pipe Lanemap_icon
Ref: Sheet 1
PDF, 9.09MB, 1 page


map_iconPipe Lane to B5013
Ref: Sheet 2
PDF, 8.98MB, 1 page


map_iconB5013 to Mill Lane
Ref: Sheet 3
PDF, 10.3MB, 1 page


map_iconMill Lane to Sandon Road (B5066)
Ref: Sheet 4
PDF, 9.23MB, 1 page


map_iconSandon Road (B5066) to Pirehill Lane
Ref: Sheet 5
PDF, 8.96MB, 1 page


map_iconPirehill Lane to Swynnerton
Ref: Sheet 6
PDF, 9.15MB, 1 page


map_iconSwynnerton to Bent Lane
Ref: Sheet 7
PDF, 9.78MB, 1 page


map_iconBent Lane to Manor Road
Ref: Sheet 8
PDF, 11.5MB, 1 page


map_iconManor Road to Den Lane
Ref: Sheet 9
PDF, 10.4MB, 1 page


map_iconDen Lane to Crewe
Ref: Sheet 10
PDF, 13.4MB, 1 page


HS2 – Network Rail spur connections (Checkley Lane – Newcastle Road)map_icon
Ref: Sheet 11
PDF, 771KB, 1 page

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