SRCG October 2021 Update

Message from SRCG Chairman

Hi everyone.

Apologies for being quiet on the social media front for a while – this is certainly not due to a lack of activity on behalf of our technical team! We have been working on a number of initiatives to secure our key objective of relocating the Phase 2a Railhead/IMB-R from the proposed location at Stone. 

Our detailed assessment of HS2 Ltd’s proposals for the Stone Railhead have shown that they are engineeringly unfeasible, would have a catastrophic impact on our road network and cause huge damage to the local economy and well-being of local people, especially during the proposed 5+ years of construction.

Although Royal Assent was granted for HS2 Phase 2a in February this year, changes could still be made to the project to improve engineering feasibility, reduce environmental impact, and save money. 

Since the SRCG’s alternative proposals would achieve all three of these objectives, we remain hopeful that the Government will see reason and seize the opportunity to save the estimated £500 million that would accrue from moving the Railhead from Stone. 

The huge cost savings would result from 

  • Simpler and much quicker construction requirements, and 
  • By using our alternative site to supply both Phase 2a and 2b with rail systems and construction materials, removing the need for a separate Railhead and maintenance base at Ashley in Cheshire.

SRCG’s proposals would also be the catalyst to reopen the former Stoke/Newcastle railway, with a connection to the West Coast Mainline at Madeley. The reopening of this railway, along with planned changes to track layout at Crewe, could provide a new west to east rail corridor across the centre of the country, giving a much-needed economic boost to the North-West and Midlands and to the Potteries conurbation in particular.

Over recent months, SRCG has developed the engineering details of its alternative proposals and has engaged with key stakeholders, including politicians, about the benefits that would be achieved. 

Thank you for all the support we continue to receive from local people and other quarters.

We will provide further updates on progress on this website as soon as we can and, as soon as conditions allow, we will hold a public event to share our progress. In the meantime, you can hear our regular reports to Yarnfield & Cold Meece Parish Council, which are streamed live on Facebook.

Brian Eyre



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