Crowdfunding Hits First Major Milestone

We would just like to let you all know that the crowdfunding site has reached its first milestone of £5000. This is a good start and we still have until the 14th April before our first crowdfunding exercise comes to a close. We have also received many donations via the postal service, and some have been deposited directly into the SRCG account at the Hanley Economic Building Society. We will be providing an update on total funds periodically, so ‘watch this space’.

Thanks to everyone for the existing contributions, and lets keep those donations flowing. Every amount donated will help in achieving our goal of £15,000.

If you wish to donate, then please use one of the following methods:

  • Crowdfunding web site –
  • Cheque – Made payable to ‘SRCG’ and posted to: Yarnfield Village Hall, Stone, Staffordshire.ST15 0NJ, Attn: SRCG
  • Cheque – Made payable to ‘SRCG’ and deposited directly at the Hanley Economic Building Society in Stone.


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