Public Meeting at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre at 17:00 on 18th February 2018

You will probably be aware by now that MPs debated the Second Reading of the High Speed Rail (West Midlands – Crewe) Bill in the House of Commons on Tuesday 30 January 2018. Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, opened the debate and the Shadow Transport Secretary, Andy McDonald, responded on behalf of the Opposition.

The Bill passed Second Reading by 295 votes to 12 and will now be considered by the High Speed Rail (West Midlands – Crewe) Bill Select Committee.

Summary of the Bill
The High Speed Rail (West Midlands – Crewe) Bill aims to:

  • Confer the powers required to construct the second phase – “Phase 2a” – of a proposed new national high speed rail network, “High Speed 2” (or “HS2”).
  • Phase 2a will involve the construction of new railway lines (one track in each direction) between the West Midlands (at Fradley) and Crewe.

The SRCG are hosting a public meeting at  Yarnfield Park Conference Centre, on Sunday February 18th 2018 at 5pm. We will provide details on the following:

  • Update on discussions with HS2 Ltd.
  • What the Second Reading of the Bill means for local residents
  • SRCG Proposals
  • Annual General Meeting proceedings
  • Next Steps

We look forward to seeing you there on the 18th February.

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